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Dual Use Wireless Power BankDual Use Wireless Power Bank

How do you feel about vigor bank? For me, vigor financial institution is likely one of the essential gadgets. at the moment, most of you spend a number of hours on smartphones. in case your smartphone runs out of battery outdoors, vigor financial institution is the most appropriate answer for you. I acquired OUTXE W20 IP67 waterproof wireless photo voltaic vigor bank a number of days ago, which performance is mind-blowing me. So, let’s try the OUTXE W20 energy financial institution.


The vigor financial institution ships with some functional accessories include a guide,  a 7W mini solar charger, a twin-port wall charger, a weatherproof protecting carrying bag, a Micro USB charging cable, a kind-C charging cable, five defense locks and two hanging straps.


i was shocked by using the OUTXE W20 energy financial institution once I noticed it in the beginning. The vigor financial institution comes with top rate cloth, which is solider than all vigour banks I have ever viewed. And it is also the heaviest vigour bank I even have ever used. it is a fab vigor bank with just about all-black colour and crimson.

On the front aspect, there's a lightning brand within the center, which is a wireless charging output. Smartphones can also be charged if you location contraptions middle onto the lightning brand. The power button is placed on the above of the lightning logo, and there are six LED warning signs beside it. the primary five LED lights are the battery indicators, and the final LED light is the solar panel charging or wireless charging indicator. Between the energy button and the lightning emblem, there is the OUTXE brand with red color, which is standing out.

Why is it called solar vigor bank? look at the rear side. there's a solar panel on the bottom, acting as an emergency backup as soon as your energy bank is working out of battery. it's extraordinary that the photo voltaic panel will cost the energy bank automatically in case you put it below direct sunlight.

The OUTXE claims that the W20 vigour bank is designed with IP67 ranking for waterproof and dustproof. I totally agree with it as a result of the firm water-proof lid placed on the excellent of the energy bank. The water resistant lid isn't handy to open, it's the most essential reason for me to have confidence its water resistant and dustproof ranking. below the lid, there's a sensible USB output and a short can charge output.

On the left aspect of the OUTXE W20 vigour financial institution, there's a kind-C enter and Micro USB enter coated via a firm waterproof lid.

there's a LED light on the bottom of the power bank, which comes with three modes.

The OUTXE W20 vigor bank ships with 4 defensive rubber cushion with red color.


OUTXE aims to place the W20 vigor bank because the most effective out of doors vigor bank for up to date tourists. in my opinion, essentially the most vital component for an outdoor vigor bank is the battery means. I don’t disappoint about the battery potential of the OUTXE W20. The W20 vigor financial institution comes with 20000mAh battery capability, which is ample for charging your gadgets for several times.


As outlined above, the W20 vigor bank comes with dual outputs ports, which can cost for 2 instruments on the same time. When using each outputs simultaneously, the highest vigor of the vigour financial institution could be constrained inside 24W to control the temperature of the product. The protection mechanism is imperative for the enormous potential vigor bank.

What’s greater, with the dual enter ports, the energy bank supports a fastest viable recharging cost around hours. incidentally, my own vigour financial institution, which comes with 10000mAh battery and one input port, takes about 10 hours for wholly charged.

in the check, i take advantage of the OUTXE W20 vigour bank to can charge Realme three and Realme X at the same time. Let’s take a look at.

Realme three — three% to 26% — charge for half-hour

Realme X — 2% to twenty-eight% — charge for half-hour

The charging velocity is speedy, and it is terribly easy for charging two contraptions on the identical time.

moreover, i use it to charge iPhone XS Max with wireless charging mode.

iPhone XS Max — sixty one% to seventy two% — charge for half-hour

The OUTXE W20 vigor financial institution helps three charging outputs at the same time. although the charging velocity isn't so quickly at this mode, it might cost for 3 instruments! I believe it is terribly first rate for those who own a couple of smart gadgets.


OUTXE W20 is a safe, convenient and transportable outside energy financial institution, which is in reality correct for up to date tourists. I in reality just like the OUTXE W20 vigor bank, except its heavyweight. however as its market positioning and multi-elements, i will understand that.

The energy financial institution now is placed on the kickstarter. in case you have an interest in it, which you can click on here to get greater advice and help it.

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