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Switching from an ancient mobilephone to a brand new one can also be a traumatic journey. You ought to hope your carrier transfers and not using a hiccup, move all your pictures and video clips and remember your whole passwords to money owed and apps. All that stress gets amplified when you circulation from an iPhone ($999 at Amazon) to an Android cell because you're no longer simply switching telephones but additionally working programs. In recent years, agencies like Google and Samsung have made it somewhat effortless to move out of your iPhone 6S ($159 at Walmart) Plus with a cracked display to a Galaxy observe 10 with an Infinity-O monitor.

the key to an easy-peasy switch technique lies with the tiny plastic doohickey that Google and Samsung encompass within the field. it be like hiring knowledgeable movers to move your stuff and unpack it and decorate your new residence similar to your ancient one! The thingamajig is really an adapter and has a USB-A connector on one end and a USB-C connector on the other that lets you connect your new cellphone to your old iPhone.

With the adapter, you could switch photographs, video clips, files, song, wallpaper and even instantly download any Android types of free iOS apps you had on your old Apple phone. And so far as iMessage, while Apple's messaging service might not work on an Android cellphone, you can even move your message background and threads to your new cellphone.


within the mobilephone container, each Google and Samsung consist of a USB-A to USB-C adapter that permits you to join an iPhone to and Android mobile.

Charles Wagner/CNET

i may stroll you during the method for transferring to a Google Pixel ($220 at Amazon) mobilephone and a Samsung Galaxy one. And in case you need to follow along, take a glance at our video how to switch From iPhone To Android at the exact of the story.

swap from iPhone to a Google Pixel cellphone

if you're switching specially from an iPhone to a Google Pixel the primary aspect you need to do is to can charge up each phones. next, you might be going to turn off iMessage throughout all your Apple contraptions - any machine that uses your AppleID. Go to Settings, then Messages after which toggle off iMessage.

if your new Pixel got here with a SIM card, set up it, flip the telephone on and faucet the birth button. subsequent, connect to a Wi-Fi community after which choose copy your records. Now unencumber your historic iPhone, and put your lighting fixtures vigor cable into the backside. Then, plug the different end into the "magic adapter" which Google calls a brief swap Adapter (QSA). eventually, plug within the QSA into the Pixel.


The Pixel makes use of an adapter to at once connect to your iPhone and transfer the data you choose.

Charles Wagner/CNET

When prompted tap have confidence in your iPhone. Then sign into your Google Account on the Pixel. subsequent, select what exactly you are looking to copy (pictures, track, messages, and so on.), then faucet replica.

Now it's time for your Pixel to truly switch everything. reckoning on how plenty stuff you are moving, this can take anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours. whereas the transfer happens, that you could proceed developing your phone like including a PIN or developing Google Assistant and Google Pay. once the switch completes, you are finished. examine to be sure everything you wanted emigrate actually did and enjoy your new Google life.

due to Google and Samsung, we found two handy methods to swap from an iPhone to Android.

Charles Wagner/CNET change from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy mobile

if you got a brand new Samsung Galaxy cellphone it additionally comes with an adapter, notwithstanding which you can also circulate your data over Wi-Fi, too. i like to recommend the use of the adapter because it's faster. just like the Pixel transfer, the primary issue you deserve to do is make sure each telephones are charged up and turn off iMessage in your iPhone.

youngsters, not like the Pixel, you've got the option to deploy your Galaxy telephone as new and then switch the statistics which capability that you could start the use of your phone appropriate away as a substitute of ready. To start the transfer, open the sensible change app in your Samsung telephone. Your mobile could take a minute to down load the app.

after you have it opened, you can be induced to send or acquire statistics. tap receive. Then, choose how you wish to switch: Wi-Fi or cable. next, connect both telephones with the adapter and your iPhone's lightning cable - when you are transferring over Wi-Fi, there is no need to join the phones in conjunction with a cable.


Samsung Galaxy phones, like Google's Pixel telephones, permit you to choose precisely what sorts of statistics to import from your historical iPhone.

Charles Wagner/CNET

On the iPhone, faucet believe and on the Samsung mobilephone you're going to see a message pop up that reads Connecting to your iPhone. if your iPhone makes use of encryption for backup, you could be prompted to enter your password. it's going to be your Apple identification password.

next, the Samsung phone will scan your iPhone for records. this can take a couple of minutes after which that you may choose precisely what form of information you wish to convey over. Then, faucet the transfer arrow. The actual switch can take a few minutes to an hour. once or not it's accomplished, go through your new Samsung mobile and determine in your information. when you are now not finding your pictures and video clips in the Gallery app, determine the Google pictures app.

Now that you have your whole records moved onto your new mobile, which you can be taught six new digital camera hints on the Galaxy notice 10.

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